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When Americans tried to breed a better race: How a genetic fitness ‘crusade’ marches on

October 29, 2018

(CNN)They started swarming across America’s border, millions of desperate families fleeing poverty or seeking political asylum. Davenport was inspired by the work of Sir Francis Galton, who is credited with starting the eugenics movement during the late 19th century. A cousin of the famed naturalist Charles Darwin, Galton theorized that humans could control their own […]

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A hurricane hit right before their wedding day. These first responders didn’t let that stop them

October 24, 2018

(CNN)It wasn’t at all how they had pictured their October wedding, the one they had been planning and dreaming about for over a year. It would be 9 hours before they would see each other. “It seemed like a million years”, said Hughes. The basement of the Mexico Beach Fire Department flooded, ruining their gear. […]

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Family turns awkward ‘#HimToo’ tweet into something good

October 14, 2018

(CNN)The sons of a woman who sent an awkward viral tweet are defusing the situation with laughter — and a little bit of debunking. There was only one problem with the whole thing. According to two men who claim to be the woman’s sons, the son in the photo is not, in fact, afraid of […]

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Limo company owner’s son pleads not guilty to charge in connection with deadly New York crash

October 11, 2018

(CNN)Authorities charged a limousine company owner’s son with criminally negligent homicide Wednesday in connection with the weekend crash in upstate New York that killed 20 people, according to a New York State Police statement. Asked if he knew whether police planned to arrest Shahed Hussain, Kindlon replied, “I had no idea that this guy was […]

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The driver in the deadly limo crash was a ‘reliable employee,’ company says

October 11, 2018

(CNN)The chauffeur in the deadly crash in upstate New York was a “great driver” and longtime employee of Prestige Limousine Chauffeur Service, the company’s attorney said Tuesday. Lisinicchia was among the 20 people who died in the wreck Saturday in Schoharie, New York, about 25 miles south of Amsterdam. Authorities have released the names of […]

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Someone stole thousands of live spiders, scorpions and other exotic insects from a Philadelphia museum

September 27, 2018

(CNN)The long list of stolen items sounds like an arachnophobe’s nightmare. “I’m not sure there’s ever been a larger live-insect heist,” said John Cambridge, the museum’s owner, in an interview Wednesday. “Our insurance doesn’t cover this. Why would they? This is unprecedented.” Among the stolen creatures are rare mantises, millepedes, lizards, frogs and snakes. One, […]

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Labor Day 2018: What you need to know

September 23, 2018

(CNN)It’s a day when we honor the American worker and we tip our hat goodbye to summer. It also means school is starting in many districts in the United States, particularly in the Northeast. If you have kids who are heading back to school, watch or listen for any signs of anxiety. Returning to class […]

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With Florence’s death and destruction came acts of bravery and selflessness

September 18, 2018

(CNN)The death and destruction wrought by Tropical Storm Florence has been punctuated with stories of bravery, generosity and resilience. Here are some of those stories: ‘It takes a special person’ Annazette Riley-Cromartie her husband, three children and dog sought shelter from the storm in the attic of their home in James City, in eastern North […]

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Hurricane Florence starts flooding parts of the Carolinas

September 14, 2018

(CNN)The rain turned sideways Thursday, rivers swelled and floodwaters began to fill streets, as massive Hurricane Florence trudged toward North Carolina. Farther south, in Carolina Beach, the northern end of the town was being swamped as water crashed over the dunes. Some areas also saw the first of the hurricane-force winds. At Cape Lookout there […]

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5 things for September 4: Gordon, Kavanaugh, Brazil museum fire, Myanmar, NBC News

September 6, 2018

(CNN)It’s the day after Labor Day, so summer really is over. Try to console yourself by checking out the 12 best islands in America. Here’s what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. (You can also get “5 Things You Need to Know Today” delivered to your inbox […]

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