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Melania Trump: ‘I really don’t care, do you?’ jacket did send message

October 29, 2018

First lady contradicts earlier claims jacket had no hidden meaning as she backs chain migration opposed by her husband Melania Trump has admitted she was sending a message when she wore an olive jacket emblazoned with the words I really dont care, do u? while travelling to visit migrant children separated from their parents in […]

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How 20 years of stop and search has widened Americas racial divide

October 27, 2018

The long read: A police push to seize guns from cars ended in disproportionate numbers of black people getting arrested for minor crimes Nobody liked working duty day but, as the name implied, it wasnt a choice. About once a month, each of us in the public defenders office set aside our cases and took […]

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Salesforce CEO: tech billionaires ‘hoard their money’ and won’t help homeless

October 23, 2018

In Guardian interview, Marc Benioff calls out Twitters Jack Dorsey and others for failing to give back to city where they got rich Marc Benioff, the Salesforce CEO, has escalated his attacks on fellow San Francisco billionaires, saying they are hoarding money and dont want to help the homeless. In an interview with the Guardian […]

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US immigrants stop using public benefits over fears of new Trump rule

October 15, 2018

Critics attack shameful proposal that would make it harder for people who have used public benefits to obtain visas or green cards US immigrants have begun to remove themselves from public housing waiting lists, childcare subsidy programs and the food stamp program out of fears that a rule Sign up for the US morning briefing […]

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How a disastrous change in perspective disempowered the left and let the right rise | Jeff Sparrow

October 14, 2018

By dismissing the masses as fools, progressives confirmed all the culture warriors claims In August 2001, the radical writer and lm-maker Michael Moore presented HarperCollins with the manuscript later known as Stupid White Men. It was still being edited when the September 11 attack occurred. In the newly hyper-patriotic environment, the publisher baulked at releasing […]

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The Brett Kavanaugh travesty will breed a formidable backlash | Jill Abramson

October 13, 2018

The forced confirmation of a conservative nominee who will tip the court much further to the right has outraged large swaths of the country, writes Guardian US columnist Jill Abramson The stain will be indelible. Brett Kavanaughs tenure on the US supreme court will always be tainted by the highly partisan and morally bankrupt process […]

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Land of the free? How Trump has put Americas identity in peril

October 11, 2018

As the midterm elections approach, Ben Fountain argues white voters should know that a real democracy can only survive if there is true equality for everyone Some 20 months into his term Trump has been pretty much the president we expected: loud, boastful, bullying, reckless, ruder than the worst-bred minor royalty, tetchy as a wolverine […]

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This guy doesnt know anything: the inside story of Trumps shambolic transition team

October 4, 2018

Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and The Big Short, reveals how Trumps bungled presidential transition set the template for his time in the White House Chris Christie noticed a piece in the New York Times thats how it all started. The New Jersey governor had dropped out of the presidential race in February 2016 and […]

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Are American serial killers a dying breed?

October 3, 2018

Cases such as the alleged Golden State Killer hit the headlines but a database tracking multiple murderers over more than a century shows a clear downward trend from the 1989 peak When John Joseph DeAngelo was Sign up to receive the top US stories every morning If DeAngelos long-awaited appearance in court suggests a reckoning […]

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Michael Kors buys Versace in $2.1bn deal

October 1, 2018

Donatella Versace to stay on at Italian label and US fashion group to rebrand as Capri Versace has been sold to the US clothing and handbags group Michael Kors for $2.1bn (1.64bn) in the latest example of a family-owned European brand taken under the control of a global fashion conglomerate. Michael Kors, which last year […]

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