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WHO voices alarm as academics denied visas to visit UK conference

October 28, 2018

Fears over immigration policys impact as at least 10 delegates experience problems The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed alarm about the impact of the UK governments immigration policy on international academic cooperation after several foreign scholars were denied visas to attend a conference. The organisers of the Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in […]

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Princess Eugenie wedding: royal marries at star-studded ceremony

October 14, 2018

Kate Moss and Robbie Williams among guests in Windsor for second royal wedding of 2018 Roads were closed, balloted tickets offered to members of the public and the streets of Windsor scattered with royal devotees, but this was, insisted the father of the bride before the service, not a public wedding. This is meant to […]

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Liz Hurley wins payout after Amazon driver ran over her dog

October 11, 2018

Actors sister reveals incident as contractor pays 2,000 vet bills for labrador Liz Hurley has received compensation from an Amazon contractor after her dog was run over by a delivery driver, her sister has said. The actors two-year-old labrador, Hector, was said to have sustained a collapsed lung and broken leg in the incident at […]

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Michael Kors buys Versace in $2.1bn deal

October 1, 2018

Donatella Versace to stay on at Italian label and US fashion group to rebrand as Capri Versace has been sold to the US clothing and handbags group Michael Kors for $2.1bn (1.64bn) in the latest example of a family-owned European brand taken under the control of a global fashion conglomerate. Michael Kors, which last year […]

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No-deal Brexit could hit UK-EU flights, says Whitehall

September 27, 2018

Papers also show pets would need rabies tests and motorists an insurance green card Flights could cease between the UK and the rest of the EU if Britain crashes out of the bloc without a deal, the government has said. In its latest set of no deal notices, the government said flights could be disrupted […]

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Were in anew age of obesity. How did it happen? Youd be surprised | George Monbiot

September 11, 2018

Its not that were eating more, that we exercise less, or that we lack willpower. The shaming of overweight people has to stop, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot When I saw the photograph I could scarcely believe it was the same country. A mentioned it on social media, then went on holiday. When I returned, […]

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If you want to save the world, veganism isnt the answer | Isabella Tree

August 28, 2018

Intensively farmed meat and dairy are a blight, but so are fields of soya and maize. There is another way, says the farmer Isabella Tree Veganism has rocketed in the UK over the past couple of years from an estimated half a million people in 2016 Cowspiracy and 2015 report from the UN Food and […]

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Why do dogs wag their tails? You asked Google heres the answer | Jules Howard

August 20, 2018

Every day millions of people ask Google lifes most difficult questions. Zoologist and author Jules Howard answers this one As luck would have it, this is rather a prescient question for me right now. At home, we are attempting to coax a neurotic four-year-old out of a dog-bite avoidance technique that works as follows. Upon […]

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Two tarantulas may be on loose after babies found in Derbyshire car park

July 17, 2018

Baby spiders were abandoned in pots and RSPCA says witness saw parents scuttling away Two tarantulas may be on the loose in a village after three of their babies were found abandoned in a car park. The RSPCA said it had rescued the baby Brazilian bird-eating spiders after they were found discarded in pots in […]

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It never stops shaping you: the legacy of child sexual abuse and how to survive it

July 9, 2018

Child sexual abuse is frighteningly common and hugely damaging. But a new project is collecting survivors stories and revealing what is needed to heal The first thing Sabah Kaiser does after sitting down at the table when we meet, is to pick up a pen, and write her name on the nearest sheet of paper. […]

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