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I can’t believe it’s not clutter: maximalism hits our homes

October 28, 2018

After decades of bland minimalism, people are decorating their homes to the max. Is it a response to our troubled times or individual expressionism? Outside, Tania Jamess home looks fairly average, a flat in a Victorian conversion on a north London street lined with trees and speed bumps. Inside, its a riot of colour. Neon […]

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Fendis 750 vulva scarf makes wearers look like theyre being born

October 25, 2018

Twitter users were quick to point out the peachy-pink, fur-trimmed scarfs resemblance to female genitals Name: The Touch of Fur shawl by Fendi. Age: New in this seasons womenswear collection. Price: 750. Appearance: Well um Thats the thing. Whats the thing? The appearance. What about it? Its peachy pink, made from silk and wool, trimmed […]

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Food for thought: the smart way to better brain health

October 19, 2018

The human brain is made of food, so what we eat and drink affects our ability to keep a healthy, alert and active mind We all intuitively appreciate that the foods we eat shape our thoughts, actions, emotions and behaviour. When you are feeling low, you reach for chocolate; when you are tired, you crave […]

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Instagram is supposed to be friendly. So why is it making people so miserable?

October 13, 2018

For a growing number of users and mental health experts, the positivity of Instagram is precisely the problem, with its relentless emphasis on promoting perfect lifestyles. Should everyone just stop scrolling? When 24-year-old fashion blogger Dixon wrote on her scarlettlondon Instagram feed, under an image of her looking flawless on a freshly made bed flanked […]

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Blood, spit and swabs: can you trust home medical-testing kits?

October 12, 2018

Is posting off your bodily fluids to a DIY health-testing company the future of healthcare or just too much information? On a dark February morning, I wake grainy with sleep and head to the kitchen. Before making toast or coffee, I unscrew the cap from a tiny test tube and spit into it. Over and […]

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My beef with Jordan Peterson’s all-cow diet | Emer O’Toole

October 9, 2018

Petersons daughter Mikhaila may have invented the beef diet to ease her health problems. Its best taken with a pinch of salt, says Emer OToole, associate professor at Canadas Concordia University The Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson talks about how she arrived at the beef-only regime through a process of elimination and reintroduction essentially experimenting on […]

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Imran Amed: meet fashions most influential man

October 9, 2018

Imran Ameds website, the Business of Fashion, is the oracle of the style world. As its top 500 power list is published, we ask how hes got designers and editors hanging on his every word. By Tim Lewis Ping! Six days a week, just before 6am BST, nearly half a million people receive an email […]

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Vitamin D supplements don’t help bone health, major study concludes

October 6, 2018

Biggest ever review of evidence recommends the government ditch its advice to take them throughout winter Vitamin D supplements do nothing for bone health and the government should ditch its advice that everyone should take them throughout the winter months, according to the authors of the biggest review of the evidence ever carried out. The […]

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Too much gluten while pregnant linked to increased diabetes risk for baby

October 4, 2018

Experts warn against switching to a gluten-free diet because that may reduce intake of fibre, iron and B-vitamins Eating a high gluten diet when pregnant appears to be linked to an increased risk of having a child who develops type 1 diabetes, new research suggests, although experts say expectant mothers shouldnt rush to ditch bread […]

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Michael Kors buys Versace in $2.1bn deal

October 1, 2018

Donatella Versace to stay on at Italian label and US fashion group to rebrand as Capri Versace has been sold to the US clothing and handbags group Michael Kors for $2.1bn (1.64bn) in the latest example of a family-owned European brand taken under the control of a global fashion conglomerate. Michael Kors, which last year […]

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