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The Best Tasting Protein Powders to Drink to Lose Weight

November 2, 2018

Okay, so there’s like a million—no, more than a million—different kinds of diets and plans out there to lose weight (or to just eat your way to a healthier lifestyle). But one consistent theme in almost every weight loss plan is that increasing your protein intake. On a reduced-calorie plan, this promotes weight loss because […]

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I Tried A Bunch Of Natural Relaxation Methods & Here’s What Worked Betches

October 31, 2018

You know those days where if you get one more email, you’re going to throw your iPhone under the subway? Then your mom calls and you start freaking out because no, you don’t have a plan. And then, Whole Foods is out of Halo Top and you have to wait in line for 30 minutes […]

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The Best Subscription Boxes That Aren’t The Ones Bachelor Contestants Promote on Instagram

October 25, 2018

If you’re in the market for a subscription box but don’t want to pay into past Bachelor contestant’s Instagram-made empires, then look no further, as I’ve rounded up the six best subscription boxes that you won’t find alongside laxative teas on past cast members’ Instagram feeds. Whether you’re looking to get beauty products, spiritual shit, food, […]

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How Eating Sugar Is Making Your Skin Worse Betches

October 23, 2018

It isn’t an Illuminati secret that sugar is pretty terrible for you. Like, yeah, the occasional artisan Fair Trade organic dark chocolate bar or cranberry vodka is one thing. But if you’re filling your body with a lot of sugar between one and 18 times per day, you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of […]

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A Woman Tried To Bring An Emotional Support Squirrel On A Plane Betches

October 18, 2018

I Snakes on a Plane a squirrel on a plane played out. The woman (unnamed, but pictured here) was flying out of Florida, which makes perfect sense. Case closed, bring in the dancing lobsters. JK. She notified Frontier Airlines that she’d be bringing an emotional support animal when she booked her ticket. But of course, […]

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What Not To Wear In Your Dating App Pictures Betches

October 17, 2018

ANYWAY, back to what you came here for. As cliche as it is, you want to make sure your profile pics represent the real you. (Well, the best version of you, that is.) And, as with anything in life, you want to stay away from polarizing extremes. Unless that is truly who you are, of […]

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Jenna Cooper And Reality Steve’s Feud Has Escalated Betches

September 28, 2018

Bachelor Nation never ceases to amaze us with the absurdity that puts their contestants people in the limelight. The Jenna Cooper-Jordan Kimball drama continues but this time, Jordan is nowhere to be heard (but we’ll get to that later). Instead, Jenna Cooper and Reality Steve now have beef. Jenna posted a public statement on Instagram this […]

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Lightweight Scarves You Can Start Wearing Now Betches

September 27, 2018

I have absolutely no shame in saying that I am one of those crazy fall people. Once September 1st hits, my mind and body automatically go into a full-out fall-pumpkin-spice-everything-Halloween mode. The only problem is, the weather is not f*cking cooperating. I can’t really get into the spirit of my most favorite time of the […]

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What Are GG Crackers Influencers Are Posting About On IG? Betches

September 21, 2018

So What Are GG Crackers? Why Do I Need More Fiber, Though? Cause I’d bet my now-seemingly-worthless college degree on the fact that you’re not getting enough in your normal diet. Do GG Crackers Work? How Can I Make Them Edible? View this post on Instagram As we say goodbye to the weekend 👋🏼, it’s time […]

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The Best Bachelor In Paradise Recap Youll Ever Read: Week 5, Night 2 Betches

September 13, 2018

Bachelor in ParadiseI didn’t watch last night’s episode because I was busy living my life Colton is the next Bachelor! ME: Moving on. Tonight’s episode starts off with a montage of all the happy couples and Venmo John. Seriously, HOW is this guy still here? Chris Harrison shows up as everyone is knee-deep in tequila […]

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